Offsite Vancouver Expo: FAQ

Thank you to all who stopped by our booth at the Vancouver Offsite Construction Expo! We felt privileged to participate alongside leaders of the offsite construction industry in Canada and the USA. We had many insightful conversations about how to apply steel modular to building projects.

To recap, here are our top five questions from the show:

1. “What is the difference between your floorless and CFS modules?”

Made out of red iron and cold-formed steel, our floorless model leaves our factory with walls and a roof, but no floor. Once set into position on site, concrete is poured over the roof of the module below, creating the floor of the module above.

Our CFS model is made of cold-formed steel, and the floor is included in the module prior to leaving the factory. Want to know more? Request a brochure.

2. “What stage are your modules at when they leave the factory?”

A module leaves our factory with the interior complete including: interior walls are finished and painted, and tile, showers, sinks, and toilets installed, if applicable. Flooring is complete in our CFS and QSR modules. Depending on the owner’s preference, FF&E can be shipped flat-packed inside the modules or independently to the site.

3. “How long does it take to complete a project from start to finish?”

This differs on a project-by-project basis. Variables such as the project stage when you choose to build modular, the extent of preconstruction required, and the time taken to procure interior finishes all contribute to the overall length of a project.

4. “What is the difference in building steel versus wood modular?”

Buildings constructed out of wood modular can be built up to four storeys, while steel can go higher. In addition, modules framed with steel offer greater longevity to a building, reduced insurance rates, and greater sustainability. Learn more in our infographic.

5. “Do you add exterior finishes on your modules before they ship?”

We are currently researching an exterior system that can effectively be installed on our modules before they leave our factory. We believe in bringing a product to the market only when we are confident it will produce the desired result for our client.


“Are those actually giant LEGO blocks?”

Our giant model hotel certainly was a hit! While the giant blocks are not LEGO, playing with them is nostalgic, fun, and fulfills the inner child in most of us.