Boosting Offsite Efficiency

Offsite construction is widely known for increasing efficiency, low production costs, and reducing job-site waste. For a construction method that already uses highly effective and methodical techniques, how can efficiency be maximized? Here are some best practices to get the most from offsite construction:

  • Keep the factory up-to-date on improvements in automated equipment, information technology, and processes.
  • To effectively implement these improvements, it is necessary to have a skilled and qualified labor force in order to ensure good communication, collaboration, and management.
  • Improve innovation and efficiency through research and development. This could include, but is not limited to, field testing, employee training and seminars, and trial and error testing in a controlled environment with standardized procedures.
  • Have a streamlined construction process. Although this practice is commonly found in offsite construction, determine if it is possible to make each process more precise and efficient, thereby cutting waste and increasing time-savings.
  • Ensure there is a flexible, adaptable, and technically proficient team in place. Technologies and processes are constantly changing, and it is easier to effectively realize these changes through appropriate segmentation of planning, design, and engineering.

It is important to understand that higher factory efficiency will be a continuous goal, as there will always be new and innovative ways to run more efficiently. Use the tools at your disposal to make the necessary changes, and always be sure to keep the end goal of greater efficiency in mind.