Sector: Hospitality

Qualifications: PTAC, insulation, interior fixtures and finishes, vanity, toilet and shower to hospitality standards.

Total Square Feet: 305

Location: Boise, Idaho

Phase: Built

Codes: Constructed to international building code standards and codes for mid-rise hospitality projects.

Goal: Transport the module a minimum of 1,000 miles to verify structural integrity hypothesis.

Process & Lessons Learned: A cold-formed steel framed floor was used to represent a hotel finished floor and the unit had no concrete to ensure ease of transportation. The module was transported from Calgary, AB to Washington, DC; from Washington to Phoenix, AZ; and from Phoenix to Boise, ID – a route of over 5,000 miles to prove its structural integrity. Interior fixtures and finishes were installed to create a transport-friendly, fully finished and non-combustible product for the hospitality industry. After travelling over 5,000 miles, there was no structural or interior damage to the module.