Sector: Assisted Living

Qualifications: PTAC, accessible shower and amenities, complete plumbing and electrical with connections in the corridor.

Total Square Feet: 327

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Phase: Built

Codes: This module was built to Canadian fire and building code standards with 2-hour floor to floor rating and 1-hour spatial rating. Sprinkler heads installed as per code and stubbed to corridor.

Goal: Research and innovate safety and accessibility in modular construction for assisted living facilities. This included testing load-bearing capabilities and pick-point locations.

Process & Lessons Learned: This module was modeled after an assisted living suite. It was designed floorless to accommodate building height restrictions, allowing an extra floor in a typical mid-rise assisted living centre. In order to demonstrate our unique methodology, we erected a first floor roof section and poured a concrete slab. We then completed the second floor module and installed it on the concrete slab. The module is located at the research & development center in Calgary and is currently used for meetings, conferences and demonstrations. We were able to innovate the design to economize framing direction and dimensions. We performed load-bearing & pick-point tests and completed vertical connections.