The Key to Affordability

In an effort to increase new homebuyers’ access to affordable homes, a Texas-based modular building company is developing 24 studio units that are 408 sq. ft. and located in the trendy neighborhood of Berkeley in Denver, Colorado. They will be priced below $400,000, and with the average home sales price in the city being $480,140 in 2017, these modular units will likely sell out fast.

This project not only highlights the affordability of modular construction, but also demonstrates that modular buildings can be delivered fast while maintaining quality. Modules are built in-factory, meaning that this 24 unit condo project can be designed, built, and installed in one year or less.

These modular homes meet the needs of the tenant, they are affordable, built to the highest quality standards, and the schedule savings are far superior to other construction methods. With an ever- growing population, a lack of housing, and soaring home prices becoming problematic. Vertical modular construction may be the best solution.