what is modular?

Modular construction is a process of building using off-site construction, under controlled conditions, using the same materials and designs as conventionally built projects, but in approximately half the time. These three factors: quality control, safety, and reduced project schedules, are some of the most wanted improvements in the construction industry by owners, developers, architects, engineers, and general contractors.

Off-site construction refers to part or all of the building being manufactured in a facility that provides a weather safe environment, high safety standards and rigorous quality control.  For modular construction the individual modules go through a process that includes pre-construction and design, procurement for all finishes and interior components, assembly, inspection and testing. The modules are then delivered to site ready to be installed efficiently in sequential order. The ability to deliver all materials to a manufacturing facility first means that we can inspect every piece and ensure they are stored correctly to prevent damage until they are ready to be installed. Modular construction can enhance the overall building experience through increased time savings. Productivity is increased by using assembly lines allowing us to produce more modules in the time frame the building could be constructed traditionally.

Safety is a large concern on any project site. By taking the construction off the project site we can ensure a safe and clean working environment with reduced risks to workers. This environment leads to greater care and safety when using tools and equipment because of stringent and efficient safety policies that ensure safety among employees and the equipment they use. With these safety policies and a dedicated safety officer, we can maintain a safe stable environment for the construction of your modules and the wellbeing of the tradespersons that are assembling your building in our manufacturing facility.

Modular construction is successfully being utilized on an array of projects in countries such as, the United States, Australia, China, and the United Kingdom. Done group is proud to continue innovating and providing new construction methods to the North American market. Some of the sectors that we currently specialize in are senior care, hospitality, and student housing. Providing full room modules complete with bathrooms, to reduce the construction inconveniences.

Our full room modules provide an alternative to conventional building, providing greater benefits to all parties involved. Innovation is in our culture and everyday done group employees come to work to improve our processes, customer experience and innovate, to provide for a growing industry and growing client needs.